Bring Walls to Life with Your Digital Touch
Easy getting started. Just three steps!
Step 1. Add a media canvas to your wall
  • Tap the image button or the video button located on the "Add media type" section.

  • Look at a location on a wall where you want to place the media and tap. A canvas will be placed there.

Step 2. Select content for your canvas
  • Tap on the "Select content" button. This will display a view with media choices. Select one or more and tap Done when finished.

Step 3. Enter View mode.
  • Tap on the "Enter Viewing " button to go into viewing mode.

  • While looking at the canvas you just placed on the wall, use the pinch and drag gesture to cycle through all of the media attached to the canvas.

  • While in viewing mode you can only resize it. To reposition it go back to Edit mode.


Quick Start

Editing actions


Tap this to remove the canvas (a).

Clone buttons

Tap these buttons to clone the canvas in the direction indicated by the button. This action copies all media attached to the canvas (b).

Canvas shape

Tap these buttons to change the shape of the canvas (c).

An upcoming feature that will showcase exclusive work of featured artists, allowing you to select their paintings and videos to display on your walls. (g)

Cloning canvas gap: Use this slider to adjust the space that will be placed between cloned canvases (e).

Image mode: This setting allows you to choose whether to maintain the original aspect ratio of the image media or crop the image to match the current canvas's aspect ratio (f).

Canvas media content

Tap this button to select the media content for this canvas (d).

Help: Help is always available by tapping on the "?" button at the top right corner of every section.

Disclaimer: As we continue to fine tune the user interface and the documentation, small discrepancies between the two might arise. Rest assure that we will resolve those promptly.

Cloning settings
Featured Artist